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Are There Any Signs or Symptoms of Glaucoma?

Do you or someone you love have glaucoma? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans have glaucoma, yet half of them don’t even know they have it. You may have also heard glaucoma referred to as the silent thief of sight because it typically doesn’t have any symptoms in the early stages until it’s too late…. Read More

The Importance of Early Detection of Symptomless Eye Conditions

Your eyes help you see the world around you. They also ensure that your mind stays sharp and coherent while keeping you safe. Irreversible vision loss can affect your quality of life. Yet, many people wait until they experience eye issues before visiting their ophthalmologist. But doing so can be very risky and may result… Read More

What is Corneal Cross-Linking, Anyway?

Corneal cross-linking (CXL) is an advanced treatment for keratoconus.  This FDA-approved procedure uses a combination of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and UV (ultraviolet) light to strengthen the cornea. Keep reading to learn more about corneal cross-linking.

Is Vision Loss Due to Cataracts Permanent?

Have you experienced blurry vision and vision loss? These are some of the signs of having a cataract. Most people that have cataracts will eventually need to have cataract surgery. Having cataract surgery is the only way to restore vision lost due to having cataracts. The good news is that vision loss because of cataracts… Read More

Can Hydration Make a Difference if You Have Dry Eyes?

Do you have dry, irritated, or gritty eyes? These are some of the common symptoms of a chronic condition called dry eye syndrome. You may not realize that if you have dry eyes, drinking more water and staying hydrated can make a big difference as part of a dry eye treatment plan. Drinking more water… Read More

Keep Your Eyes Safe with These 11 Eye Care Tips

Your eyes are beyond incredible. They are necessary for seeing and enjoying every aspect of the world around you. Having healthy eyes also plays a critical role in learning, development, and growth. Unfortunately, you only have one set of eyes that can become irreparably damaged if you don’t take good care of them. For this… Read More

6 Reasons LASIK Makes More Sense Than Contact Lenses

LASIK is a popular and effective method of vision correction. Millions of patients in the U.S. alone have undergone the procedure successfully. After having LASIK, many patients notice almost immediate improvements to their vision. For some, this may be as quick as occurring on the same day that they have LASIK. The recovery process after… Read More

Is A Retinal Detachment Serious?

A retinal detachment is a serious medical emergency, and if not addressed quickly, it can lead to permanent vision loss. It’s critical to see an eye doctor right away if you have signs of detachment. Retinal detachment is an eye condition where the retina, found in the back of the eye, detaches from the surrounding… Read More

Why Dry Eyes and Allergies Simply Don’t Go Together

Every year, millions of Americans suffer from dry eyes. Many people with dry eyes also have eye allergies. Allergies cause itchy, watery eyes, but so do dry eyes when your eyes don’t have good quality tears, or they are unable to produce adequate tears. Keep reading to find out why dry eyes and allergies simply… Read More

Why is LASIK a Good Investment?

LASIK is the most popular laser vision correction procedure that corrects refractive errors. This includes nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. During LASIK surgery, your surgeon will create a tiny incision in the cornea, followed by a small flap to reshape the cornea, which corrects your vision. Although many people think that LASIK is expensive, you may… Read More

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