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Evergreen Eye Center Hosts Continuing Education Event for Optometrists

Earlier this month, the team at Evergreen Eye Center hosted its REFRACTIVE RULES! continuing education event for community optometrists. One important way that Evergreen demonstrates its commitment to empowering, supporting and collaborating with local optometrists is by offering continuing education (CE) credits. The courses are accredited through COPE®. Evergreen doctors gave rousing talks about the… Read More

Evergreen Doctor Donates Care to Help the Citizens of Guatemala

A large part of our core beliefs at Evergreen Eye Center is to give back to the community…and especially to those in need. Dr. Brice R Nicholson from Evergreen Eye Center recently traveled to Guatemala to provide charity care to the citizens of this Central American country. The trip was organized with the aid of… Read More

When Should You See an Eye Doctor?

Regular checkups are an important part of maintaining healthy eyes and clear vision. If you’ve never worn glasses, you probably don’t make regular eye doctor visits a priority. Here’s a few reasons why you should. When should you see an eye doctor? Regardless of your vision, there are many other health reasons to visit an… Read More

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