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Read Patients’ Testimonials About Their Care and Experience at Evergreen Eye Center

At Evergreen Eye Center, our doctors and staff are dedicated to providing the most advanced, effective eyecare possible with excellent outcomes and an unsurpassed level of service and commitment. Here’s what Evergreen patients say about our level of care… and our focus on delivering truly patient-centered care.

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“Other medical procedures I’ve had weren’t so pleasant… let’s just say that I’ve had some minor surgeries and sutures and things like that. Compared to any medical situation I’ve been in, this was the easiest. It was the least ime-consuming, and I had instant results without any pain. I would do it again in a heartbeat and would recommend Evergreen Eye Center to anyone.” — Dave W.

“The surgery was fantastic — the best investment I’ve ever made. If I had known it was this easy, I would have done it years ago. Evergreen Eye Center is a top notch, state-of-the-art facility with a professional staff. I like the fact that the same surgeon is with you every step of the way from your pre-operative appointment, your surgery and recovery, to your post-operative appointment. That continuity makes you feel really comfortable.” — Rob P.

“Putting in the contacts on a daily routine basis got old pretty fast for me. With water sports, I had to worry about smoke and rain and water getting in my eyes — I actually had an infection problem with contacts and water in my eye. So LASIK eye surgery was a good solution. It did not hurt, five minutes per eye and it’s done. LASIK eye surgery has helped me with softball, football, skiing, windsurfing, golfing, tennis, hiking. I only wish I had gotten LASIK eye surgery before my baseball career because I would have been able to see the seams on the ball and been a much better hitter. I am extremely happy with the professionals at Evergreen Eye Center and the work that they do.” — Shaun M.

“My perception of Evergreen Eye Center was just the openness and friendliness of everyone there. I felt like I was their #1 client coming through the door, and I really, really like that feeling. I had the surgery done in the afternoon and I was in and out of the office within the hour. My eyes were light-sensitive the first night, so I just kept them covered for the evening and slept through the night with no problems whatsoever. The next day I came in for a post-operative visit and my vision was very clear. And now my vision is perfect, 20/20 — if not better.” — Tara C.

“It was such a hassle to ride my horse in the rain and have my glasses get fogged up, or to lunge my horse in the arena and have dust on my glasses. When I first got my horse I was thrown off, so wearing glasses while I rode even was a danger. Luckily my glasses didn’t break when I fell off, but they (the glasses) went flying and were bent. I used to tell my neighbors, ‘If I don’t wave at you it’s because I can’t see you.’ I heard about Evergreen Eye Center from a friend and was relieved to find out that I was a candidate for the surgery—I thought I was too nearsighted to be considered. Now my vision is very clear. I wave at the neighbors now and I can actually see who the neighbors are. I can see my horse all the way across the pasture. Driving at night it’s just amazing. I can see so much clearer at night. The oncoming headlights don’t bother me at all.” — Terry J.

“I think the most interesting thing for me is that my optometrist said this (LASIK) couldn’t be done. Then I went to Evergreen Eye Center. They did the evaluation and were able to perform the surgery and it was tremendously successful. My vision is better than 20-20, and it has been since the day after the surgery. Probably the most impactful benefit is being on a golf course and seeing that drive that you just hit land!” — Gordon McFadden, CEO Emeritus Helly Hansen

ICL Surgery

“It made it a little cheaper to go to Evergreen because they had the surgery center right there downstairs. Everyone else I contacted partnered with a hospital and so there were additional costs with the hospital. Also there was coordination that had to be done between the hospital and back at the clinic. Evergreen Eye Center was great because it was all done in one spot. All the appointments and all the procedures were done right there.” — Matt B.

“I had been wearing glasses for 25 years and couldn’t even see the big “E” on the eye chart. After the surgery I could immediately see everything. This has been life changing. Dr. Chung is a great guy and an excellent surgeon.” — Mark Y.

Cataract Surgery

“Dr. Nicholson is an excellent doctor! I was very nervous and the doctor did an excellent job of calming me down. Dr. Nicholson explained the procedure in detail and did not give me unrealistic expectations of my results. The procedure was life changing in that I do not have wear glasses or contacts, my vision is 20/20 and I am no longer bothered by glare while driving at night. I would absolutely recommend Evergreen Eye Center and Dr. Nicholson to family and friends.” — Donna B. in Puyallup, WA

“I have an active lifestyle. I like to play tennis, ping-pong and golf. My surgeon put in a multifocal IOL because he felt it would work best for me. Since I had the surgery, my vision is brilliant. It’s been great fun to just get up and go without any glasses or contacts. Two weeks after surgery I went to my grandson’s soccer game. I could actually see him out there and even saw the number on his shirt. I had never seen it before, even with glasses and contacts. Seeing his face light up when they won made me realize just how much I had been missing. I just love Dr. Tester—he was very patient and kind. The clinic was very organized and it was a very fluid experience.” — Denise B.

“All staff were very personable. Dr. Chung and the medical team explained procedures in advance. Procedures resulted in almost no discomfort. The administrative staff explained billing and insurance details. Appointment times were adjusted at my request. I would rate Evergreen as a very efficient and patient friendly organization. A ‘ten’.” — Lloyd P. in Des Moines, WA

“I thought Dr. Nicholson was fantastic. He cared about the results and that hasn’t happened for a long time. I love Dr. Frederickson too. I needed cataract surgery and was leery, and holding onto the chair real tight. I’m happy they talked me into it. I was real indecisive. They made me real comfortable and answered all my questions so there were no surprises. They were all excellent—the doctors, the techs. I’m glad I did it. When it was time to have the second eye done, I couldn’t wait to have it and wasn’t nervous at all. There was no pain. My eye twitched a little, then it went away. I wore glasses all my life so I love having them fixed.” — Theresa G. in Kent, WA

“I am very pleased with my eye surgery. Thank you so much Dr. Tester. He is professional and lets you know step-by-step what is happening. Also the staff at both places, Federal Way and Auburn, are very kind and patient. I was impressed and happy to know how caring Gary at the Federal Way office is.” — Linda C. in Auburn, WA

“Although I’m in my late 60’s, I feel like I am 30 years younger! I was always searching for my glasses. When Dr. Chung recommended a lens where I could be less dependent on glasses, I was interested. He recommended the Tecnis Multifocal lens. Now, life is much better. I don’t have to look for my glasses anymore for driving or reading. After I had the first eye surgery, I compared the vision of the two eyes. I didn’t realize that life was foggy because it came on so gradually. Now I have wonderful contrast and see vibrant colors. Before my cataract surgery, when looking at a tree, I could see the whole tree but it was blurry. Now I see each individual branch and leaf on the tree! Dr. Chung is wonderful, amazing! I normally ‘hate’ doctors but he is so kind and soft spoken. I was referred to him and I’m so glad he was my surgeon and that I came to Evergreen Eye Center.” — Julia T. in Federal Way

“I told Dr. Nicholson that I felt like I’ve been at Nordstrom’s for the afternoon! Everybody was so kind, they walked you through everything, they explained everything and I was just very impressed. My father, my brother and my husband all had cataract surgery at Evergreen and I was the driver after each of their procedures. My last visit to Evergreen Eye Center was as a new patient of Dr. Nicholson. I couldn’t have been happier with the service or the people. Everybody was wonderful!” — Debbie M. in Federal Way, WA

“The most professional and proficient medical facility I’ve ever encountered. The offices in both Auburn and Federal Way are organized, run smoothly, and have amazing staff. Surgery was comfortable and a success. Thank you!” — John P. in Kent, WA

“Dr. Chung was very courteous and professional. I felt at ease with the procedure and would recommend Evergreen Eye Center to my family and friends. I was very nervous about having eye surgery but everyone made me feel comfortable. By the time I went in I was very relaxed. All is good.” — Helen L. in Puyallup, WA

“I am 77 years old and have been active in athletics for 70 years. I played fast pitch around the world in Japan, Korea, Canada and Mexico. I made the Softball Hall of Fame in California. About 2 years ago, I experienced difficulty seeing the ball come off of the bat when I was in the outfield. That was when I went to Evergreen Eye Center and saw Dr. Chung. He diagnosed me with a cataract in my right eye. My right eye’s vision was much darker than the left eye. That’s when I knew I needed to have it corrected. Last year I had the cataract removed and my vision went back to normal. Since then I have been able to get back to playing ball and then this past year I played in the Huntsman World Senior Games which is held in Saint George, Utah. It is the largest annual multi-sport event in the world for athletics for people age 50 and above. This year 10,852 senior athletes participated, which is more participants than the London Olympics 2012. My team won 2 gold medals. If it hadn’t been for Evergreen Eye Center, I could not have competed. Now I have no problem picking up the rotation of the ball from 300 ft. away fences, so I can position myself to allow for movement of the ball, which is crucial in the outfield. So now I am back to being fully active and fully committed to baseball.” — Jim Downs, World Senior Softball Player & Champion World Ring Winner, Federal Way

“After 62.5 years of wearing glasses I can now see without them. It makes me feel so good. Thank you Dr. Chung!” — Lelah G. in Federal Way, WA

“I’ll be 75 this next year, and this will be the first time since I was 10 years old that I can go without glasses. Thank you Dr. Nicholson! I was treated optimally by well-trained staff, and surgery was stress-free. Dr. Nicholson is courteous and capable with good follow up and I’m quite pleased with the outcome.” — Edwina O. in Federal Way, WA

“I am an avid reader and work outside a lot with my horses. It is important for me to be able to see both ranges, near and in the distance… all the way across the pasture. I had a multi-focal IOL implant ,and I am extremely delighted to be able to see well again without glasses. I tell you, cataracts snuck up on me. I’m glad I didn’t hesitate to have the surgery. It was the easiest thing I’ve ever done medically. It was painless and quick. It’s a great investment for the rest of my life.” — Marilyn W.

“I had 2 fast growing cataracts removed. It got to the point where I had to wear prescription progressive bifocals everyday for the past 10 years. I used to have eyes like a hawk. After the surgery I can now see like a champ. Everything is clearer, sharper, more vivid and brighter. As a Hospital Medical Corpsman in the Navy years ago I worked with dozens of doctors close at hand everyday. I know the difference between people who go through the motions and people who really care. I can honestly say I’d give 4 stars to Evergreen because everybody there seemed like they really cared. I wouldn’t have changed anything because they did an excellent job.” — Jay B.

“Dr. Chung was my surgeon for bladeless cataract surgery. He corrected my moderate/severe astigmatism with a Toric lens and I now have near perfect vision. It was a delight to have him as my doctor and I will continue to have him care for my eyes in the future. Thank you Dr. Chung and Evergreen Eye Center associates!” — Susan K. in Vashon, WA

“Thank you Dr. Tester for making my vision better. My quality of life will be better now.” — Susan H. in Federal Way, WA

“Dr. Nicholson is a great doctor. He helped me see and I would like to thank him for helping me out. He replaced my cataract with a new clear lens. He is doing a good job. He did my left eye and now it’s good. You need to put drops in while you heal. There was not a lot of pain.” — Rosa L. in Seattle, WA

“…I knew immediately that I preferred Dr. Chung for my surgeon and would quite confidently be involved with Evergreen Eye Center for the necessary arrangements. Through his capable and kind care for my husband’s severe eye problems over the past several years, he had shown me that he cared for his patients and handled each not only capably but conservatively and with respect. I expected that he would be a capable surgeon (as befits anyone associated with Evergreen) but I grew to appreciate his conservative decisions and the fact that he discussed any options or problems as clearly as possible with us. I was open to trying something relatively new in cataract surgery with the advent of multifocal lens replacements and Dr. Chung took the time to discuss these with me and both the advantages and disadvantages for each. We agreed to Tecnis for my situation and I have, indeed, been happy with the results. The nursing staff in the prep/recovery room are wonderful, kind and patient and ease any fears the patient might have and answer any and all questions so that the patient goes into surgery feeling fairly relaxed and secure and then, afterward, goes home feeling both capable and comfortable. From a friend’s experience, recently, I also know, now, that Evergreen does follow through and tries to do the best possible job for each patient if there are difficulties of any sort after the cataract surgery. That has been another source of reassurance for me although my experience has been successful as best I can tell and I am most grateful for my ‘new’ eyes.” — Maralyn A. in Federal Way, WA

“I would like to give Dr. Tester and the staff at Evergreen Eye Center my sincere thanks for the professional care given to me. I recently had cataract surgery and opted for the multifocal lens. The procedure is easy for the patient. The outcome was great. No more glasses. I can see where the golf ball lands now! A 20/20+ outcome for a soon to be 75-year-old is amazing! Dr. Tester is a cool guy! I have been telling all my friends that if they need this procedure to go to Evergreen and request Dr. Tester!” — Norman V. in Auburn, WA

“Dr. Nicholson is one of a kind. He is very nice and kind and respectful. I was very confident because of his knowledge and wisdom. He is very thorough, and a professional. I had cataract surgery and was very nervous about my eyes but he made me feel good about it. I trust him. Eyes feel good. I feel good. I didn’t take tylenol or any drugs after surgery, just drops in my eyes. He did an awesome job. I am doing fine and can watch TV and do all my regular stuff with no watering, no pain and no swelling.” — Florence S. in Des Moines, WA

“I want to thank all the staff at Evergreen Eye Center, especially Dr. Tester who performed my eye surgery. He explained every phase of the surgery in detail so I knew what was going on during the whole process. He is an exceptional doctor who truly cares about his patients. It is wonderful to be able to see beautiful colors and the whole new world around me. Everyone from the Auburn and Federal Way offices, involved in making this process possible were so informative and helpful in removing my apprehension. I want everyone to know that in surgery there is no pain at all, however, you have to take eyedrops each day to prevent infections, etc. but it is worth it and to have my eyesight back is a blessing and a miracle. Thank you, Dr. Tester, I truly appreciate what you did for me.” — Betty K.

“Evergreen Eye Center is an excellent place to have your eyes taken care of. Everyone is excellent and professional.” — Mark B. in Seattle, WA

“I did a lot of research on femtosecond bladeless cataract surgery. I live on Lummi Island in Washington but I would have gone to Kohl Eye Center at the Cleveland Clinic because I knew they were so good and I was willing to travel for it. But I chose to go to Evergreen Eye Center because I thought I would get as good or better care at Evergreen after reading their website. This was not due to convenience. I read Dr. Chung’s research paper, and he has ideal credentials: biomedical engineering from Duke and an accomplished corneal specialist. I thought this was an interesting combination because he works with lasers. He is a world-class physician. The difference in my vision after cataract surgery is dramatic—most notably astigmatism is eliminated. I can read and play the piano without glasses, and colors are brighter. Evergreen Eye Center is a well organized, efficient, world-class eye center. It was a superb experience.” — Eugene L. from Lummi Island

“The most professional and proficient medical facility I have ever encountered. Both the Federal Way and Auburn offices are organized, run smoothly and have amazing staff. Surgery was comfortable and an absolute success. Thank you Dr. Tester.” — John P. in Kent, WA

“I have been a patient of Dr. Chung since 2000 and feel I won the jackpot when I found him. I live in Ocean Shores, but he is worth the drive into Seattle. He is a very caring man. He explains everything and makes suggestions which I am happy I followed. I really do not get upset with a short wait and always have a smile on my face when I leave.” — Joyce B. from Ocean Shores, WA

“Thank you Dr. Nicholson and your entire staff. They were superb as were you! Everything was well-described and although I was nervous, your description as I was operated on was very helpful. You have a first-rate staff and I wish you all well. Thanks to you, I can see without glasses.” — C. Bell

“Vision awareness has been a major part of my life since I was a tiny child, even before starting school. My parents were anxious to not only provide glasses but pay for months of visual training from my doctor in hometown of Dallas, Texas. Then I had hard contact lenses (and loved them) by 1957. For many years I had no prescription glasses as a back up. By 2010, I was apprehensive about the eye exam required to renew my driver’s license. My optometrist here in Washington provided stronger support and mentioned for a second time the formation of cataracts. My driving at night diminished to nil as the daytime visual acuity dropped. Evergreen Eye Center, especially Gary Chung MD, has restored my vision to a clarity I cannot recall. Dr. Chung has highly-developed technical skills as well as a caring attitude for his patients. My experience with Dr. Chung and Evergreen Eye Center is one that I will long remember. I will recommend Evergreen Eye Center with complete confidence. The day in which I had cataract surgery at Evergreen Eye Center, is one of my most memorable days.” — Marilyn H. in Tacoma, WA

Other Conditions

“Dr. Nicholson was the best! Thank you. The girls were great also. It was a very delightful experience. Thanks again!” — Gail F. in Sumner, WA

“I have taken visual field tests before and failed because I didn’t do it right. Svetlana (clinical assistant at Evergreen Eye Center) was the first person to explain how to do it correctly. I so appreciate her.” — Paula Z.

“I was referred to Dr. Gary Chung under a very unique situation. Dr. Chung became very involved with my concerns. He listened and was very compassionate in helping me solve my problem. I left his office feeling very hopeful. If you are looking for an ophthalmologist, I highly recommend Dr. Gary Chung. You will not find a better doctor who is there for your needs.” — Joan R. in Burien, WA

“My Dr. Chung thankful list: Your strong testimony for Christ, your desire to be at the top of your field, your kindness and concern for your patients, for all the years and ways you care for my eyes.” — Pam L. in Burien, WA

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