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Patient Testimonials

Read Patients’ Testimonials About Their Care and Experience at Evergreen Eye Center

At Evergreen Eye Center, our doctors and staff are dedicated to providing the most advanced, effective eye care possible with excellent outcomes and an unsurpassed level of service and commitment. Here’s what Evergreen patients say about our level of care… and our focus on delivering truly patient-centered care.

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Cataract Surgery

“From the moment I walked in the door, I was greeted by the receptionist with a smile and “good morning”! From that point on, every one of the people I encountered were professional and made me feel at ease. My surgery was perfect and I’m beyond excited to see the final results following my upcoming surgery on my other eye.” — Tammy E.

“Evergreen Eye Center is the best. Prior to surgery I needed glasses for everything, then started developing cataracts. Dr Tester and his team were so reassuring. I got the best of everything, I’m worth it. Laser surgery, progressive lenses implanted (yes, 3 focal lengths) and dropless medication, so no eye drops during recovery, ever. Surgery was totally painless, no needles in your eyes. Within 8 hours I could already see vibrant colors I had been missing. Now I see like I did in my youth. Not even reading glasses! It’s like being born again, thank goodness for science and surgeons. It’s fun to walk in the rain, no water drenched glasses ever again. Thank You Evergreen Eye Center.” — Hans G, in Buckley, WA

“Although I’m in my late 60’s, I feel like I am 30 years younger! I was always searching for my glasses. When Dr. Chung recommended a lens where I could be less dependent on glasses, I was interested. He recommended the Tecnis Multifocal lens. Now, life is much better. I don’t have to look for my glasses anymore for driving or reading. After I had the first eye surgery, I compared the vision of the two eyes. I didn’t realize that life was foggy because it came on so gradually. Now I have wonderful contrast and see vibrant colors. Before my cataract surgery, when looking at a tree, I could see the whole tree but it was blurry. Now I see each individual branch and leaf on the tree! Dr. Chung is wonderful, amazing! I normally ‘hate’ doctors but he is so kind and soft spoken. I was referred to him and I’m so glad he was my surgeon and that I came to Evergreen Eye Center.” — Julia T. in Federal Way

“The most professional and proficient medical facility I’ve ever encountered. The offices in both Auburn and Federal Way are organized, run smoothly, and have amazing staff. Surgery was comfortable and a success. Thank you!” — John P. in Kent, WA

“I’ll be 75 this next year, and this will be the first time since I was 10 years old that I can go without glasses. Thank you Dr. Nicholson! I was treated optimally by well-trained staff, and surgery was stress-free. Dr. Nicholson is courteous and capable with good follow up and I’m quite pleased with the outcome.” — Edwina O. in Federal Way, WA

“I did a lot of research on femtosecond bladeless cataract surgery. I live on Lummi Island in Washington but I would have gone to Kohl Eye Center at the Cleveland Clinic because I knew they were so good and I was willing to travel for it. But I chose to go to Evergreen Eye Center because I thought I would get as good or better care at Evergreen after reading their website. This was not due to convenience. I read Dr. Chung’s research paper, and he has ideal credentials: biomedical engineering from Duke and an accomplished corneal specialist. I thought this was an interesting combination because he works with lasers. He is a world-class physician. The difference in my vision after cataract surgery is dramatic—most notably astigmatism is eliminated. I can read and play the piano without glasses, and colors are brighter. Evergreen Eye Center is a well organized, efficient, world-class eye center. It was a superb experience.” — Eugene L. from Lummi Island

“My vision was deteriorating rapidly when I saw Dr. Tester. After testing @ Evergreen Dr. Tester said my eyes qualify for any of the 4 cataract surgeries they perform. The Distance Plus surgery seemed a good fit for me. Not only are the cataracts gone along with astigmatisms, I’m seeing better than I ever have, including the many years when I wore glasses! I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Tester and his staff. Thanks for helping me (in my 70’s) stay independent! Rating 5 star PLUS!”
Alfa L. in Auburn, WA


“The surgery was fantastic — the best investment I’ve ever made. If I had known it was this easy, I would have done it years ago. Evergreen Eye Center is a top notch, state-of-the-art facility with a professional staff. I like the fact that the same surgeon is with you every step of the way from your pre-operative appointment, your surgery and recovery, to your post-operative appointment. That continuity makes you feel really comfortable.” — Rob P.

“I think the most interesting thing for me is that my optometrist said this (LASIK) couldn’t be done. Then I went to Evergreen Eye Center. They did the evaluation and were able to perform the surgery and it was tremendously successful. My vision is better than 20-20, and it has been since the day after the surgery. Probably the most impactful benefit is being on a golf course and seeing that drive that you just hit land!” — Gordon M.

“My perception of Evergreen Eye Center was just the openness and friendliness of everyone there. I felt like I was their #1 client coming through the door, and I really, really like that feeling. I had the surgery done in the afternoon and I was in and out of the office within the hour. My eyes were light-sensitive the first night, so I just kept them covered for the evening and slept through the night with no problems whatsoever. The next day I came in for a post-operative visit and my vision was very clear. And now my vision is perfect, 20/20 — if not better.” — Tara C.

ICL Surgery

“It made it a little cheaper to go to Evergreen because they had the surgery center right there downstairs. Everyone else I contacted partnered with a hospital and so there were additional costs with the hospital. Also there was coordination that had to be done between the hospital and back at the clinic. Evergreen Eye Center was great because it was all done in one spot. All the appointments and all the procedures were done right there.” — Matt B.

“I had been wearing glasses for 25 years and couldn’t even see the big “E” on the eye chart. After the surgery I could immediately see everything. This has been life changing. Dr. Chung is a great guy and an excellent surgeon.” — Mark Y.

Other Conditions

“Friendly and professional staff. Dr Anderson is without a doubt the best doctor I have had. He is never too busy to explain any issues I have. Fantastic ophthalmologist doctor.”

“Dr. Nicholson was the best! Thank you. The girls were great also. It was a very delightful experience. Thanks again!” — Gail F. in Sumner, WA

“I have taken visual field tests before and failed because I didn’t do it right. Svetlana (clinical assistant at Evergreen Eye Center) was the first person to explain how to do it correctly. I so appreciate her.” — Paula Z.

“I was referred to Dr. Gary Chung under a very unique situation. Dr. Chung became very involved with my concerns. He listened and was very compassionate in helping me solve my problem. I left his office feeling very hopeful. If you are looking for an ophthalmologist, I highly recommend Dr. Gary Chung. You will not find a better doctor who is there for your needs.” — Joan R. in Burien, WA

“My Dr. Chung thankful list: Your strong testimony for Christ, your desire to be at the top of your field, your kindness and concern for your patients, for all the years and ways you care for my eyes.” — Pam L. in Burien, WA

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