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State-of-the-Art Treatment from Innovative, High-Tech Eye Specialists

To help you see your best and keep your eyes healthy, we’re dedicated to using the most advanced technologies and methods available today. In fact, we’ve made a very deliberate, conscious commitment to always offer care from the leading edge of eye care. That’s because new developments in diagnosis and treatment lead to better, more effective, more appropriate and much easier care that’s individualized to your unique needs.

Innovators who are setting the standard for high-tech, low-stress eyecare

Over the decades, Evergreen Eye Center ophthalmologists have played a significant role in making eyecare in the Northwest what it is today, including introducing new technologies and treatments, such as:

  • LenSx® bladeless computer-guided laser cataract surgery – Our team was the first in Washington — with a two-year head start — to perform this state-of-the-art, FDA-approved procedure. This high-precision laser gives us unparalleled accuracy and increased comfort.
  • Microincisional cataract surgery – Working through an incision only 1.8mm in width, our eye surgeons introduced microincisions to cataract surgery to the Puget Sound area, advancing the precision and reducing the stress of treatment.
  • BlephEx® treatment for evaporative dry eye – We are a dedicated Dry Eye Center of Excellence, one of the few practices in the Puget Sound region to offer technologies such as BlephEx for the treatment of ocular surface disease, the overarching condition that includes dry eye syndrome.
  • iLux®  This device is used to heat and compress glands in the eyelids of adult patients with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), a specific type of chronic and progressive dry eye, also known as evaporative dry eye.  iLux®  treatments can be added to many dry eye regimens and can offer symptom relief for several months or more.  Just one 8-12 minute Systane® iLux® treatment has been shown to increase Meibomian gland function by 300% at 4 weeks post-treatment, compared to baseline.
  • Drop-less cataract surgery – Evergreen eye surgeons are the first in and around the Sound to perform cataract surgery in a way that eliminates the weeks of eyedrops following treatment Now, cataract surgery can be, truly, a one-day affair.

Enjoy optimal comfort and outcomes with state-of-the-art technologies and techniques

Evergreen Eye Center’s experienced, caring ophthalmologists are focused on providing the most technologically advanced care available today. Why? For the simple reason that it leads to optimal outcomes as well as the best possible patient experience. We strive to provide unsurpassed quality, precision, and comfort by using the best techniques and technologies available today, including:

  • Blade-free LASIK – At the LASIK Center at Evergreen Eye Center, we now perform all-laser LASIK using the femtosecond laser for great results and faster, easier patient experience.
  • ORA™ intraoperative aberrometer – During cataract surgery, once the cataract has been removed from the eye, we use the ORA to more accurately measure the power of the intraocular lens implant. This is how our surgeons can confidently restore your vision after cataract surgery without the need for glasses. Because Evergreen Eye Center is one of the first practices in the state to adopt this technology, our surgeons are among the most experienced in the nation at using the ORA.
  • BlephEx® treatment for blepharitis – This advanced system allows us to treat eyelid infection and inflammation (blepharitis) right here in our offices. This well-tolerated procedure only takes minutes to thoroughly remove bacterial debris and crusting, restoring more comfortable eyes.
  • Optos Widefield imaging – With a single picture, our retina specialists see more of your retina by virtue of this ultra-widefield camera, providing more evidence of disease to guide treatment decisions. With capabilities such as fluorescein & indocyanine green angiography and autofluorescence, our specialists can confidently offer the very highest level of medical retinal care.

Dedicated to making your eyecare better, faster and easier

Evergreen Eye Center is a forward-thinking practice, among the most technologically advanced eye care teams in the region. This means cataract surgery that is IV-free, no needle-sticks around the eye, no-stitch, no blade. It means more accurate diagnoses, the best possible outcomes and patient experience second to none.

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