Evergreen Eye Center held kick off luncheons at all locations this month for their teams for the 2017 Washington VisionWalk and the 2017 Puget Sound Heart & Stroke Walk. In addition to having teams in the walks, Evergreen is also proud to sponsor each event.

The 2017 Washington VisionWalk is in Seattle on Saturday, October 7, and the 2017 Puget Sound Heart & Stroke Walk is in Tacoma on Saturday, September 30.

Employees feasted on pizza and salads as well as adorable walk-themed cupcakes while listening to speeches from the American Heart Association on heart health and our own Dr. Gary Chung on his commitment to fighting blindness.

Director of Marketing Indi Rooney and Dr. Chung are co-captains for the VisionWalk team. Director of Surgical Services Kelly Goff and COO Zach Smith are co-captains for the Heart & Stroke Walk Team.

(If you’d like to learn more or donate to these worthy charities, click here for the VisionWalk or here for the Heart & Stroke Walk.)

Evergreen plans to offer their staff fun opportunities to participate in over the next few months in order to raise money for their walk teams. This includes raffles, games, and charity jeans days – to name just a few. There has even been talk of a “dunk” tank. We’ll post pictures of our teams over the next few months.