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6 Reasons LASIK Makes More Sense Than Contact Lenses

LASIK is a popular and effective method of vision correction. Millions of patients in the U.S. alone have undergone the procedure successfully.

After having LASIK, many patients notice almost immediate improvements to their vision. For some, this may be as quick as occurring on the same day that they have LASIK.

The recovery process after LASIK is also fast and easy. Patients don’t have to worry about spending days in bed.

Instead, most find they can get back to their everyday activities within a day or two.  Vision enhancement after LASIK is not only stable but also long-term.

If you’ve been dealing with contact lenses for years and would like to give them up for good, keep reading to learn 6 reasons why LASIK is the best alternative if you wear contact lenses!

1.    Cost

Although LASIK may seem expensive, it can save you money, especially compared to how much you spend on contact lenses. Consider this: Although the initial cost of LASIK can seem high, it’s a one-time procedure.

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On the other hand, you’ll need to factor in several things that will affect the lifetime expenses of wearing contacts. For instance, the cost of prescription changes, contact lenses, and contact solution can add up pretty quickly through the years.

If you wear hard contact lenses, they can warp over time, meaning you’ll need to replace them frequently. If you wear soft contact lenses instead, you’ll spend more on their regular maintenance and buying new ones.

There’s a good chance that you’ve already spent a great deal of money on contact lenses, and you’ll only continue to do so if you continue to wear them. If you’re a LASIK candidate, getting LASIK can save you money over time since the procedure can start to pay for itself in as little as a few years after you have it.

2.    Eye Strain

woman suffering from eye strain at computer

Since we live in a digital world, it’s not uncommon to spend 8 hours a day in front of digital devices or screens. If you have a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or television, you’re probably spending too much time in front of them.

The result is digital eye strain, which causes symptoms like blurred vision and dry eyes. Other conditions that may cause eye strain include astigmatism, presbyopia, nearsightedness, and farsightedness.

Sometimes, the contact lenses prescribed for eye strain can make it worse. If you still experience eye strain even with contacts, you should consider LASIK. Getting LASIK can also correct some of the conditions that cause eyestrain, like nearsightedness and farsightedness.

3.    Convenience

Relying on contact lenses to see can be quite an inconvenience. Although they can be convenient, they are not always the most reliable, especially when you need them most.

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They seem to get lost at the worst time, like when you’re on vacation, and only bring a certain number of pairs with you. Replacing them can be time-consuming and may even turn into an extra expense.

Contact lenses also require daily care. If you want to keep your eyes healthy, you have to take them out before bed if you wear dailies and thoroughly wash your hands before putting them in every time.

Most people no longer need contacts after LASIK. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy improved vision for a lifetime, along with greater freedom and convenience every day? Most patients that get LASIK end up with 20/20 vision or better.

4.    Eye Discomfort

Do your eyes feel uncomfortable, irritated, or scratchy when you wear your contact lenses? A lot of people find that wearing contact lenses makes their eyes dry and itchy.

woman experiencing eye discomfort

When you have dry eyes, your eyes don’t produce enough tears to remain adequately lubricated. Wearing contacts every day exacerbates dry eyes. It also worsens symptoms of allergies since you have to constantly touch your eyes to take your contacts out and put them back in. That’s the bad news.

The good news is, LASIK can be an excellent option for you. LASIK is a corrective procedure that’s quick and virtually painless. After undergoing it, your vision will dramatically improve, allowing you to say goodbye to both glasses and contact lenses.

Since you won’t have to wear contacts anymore, you won’t have to worry about the discomfort wearing them causes. Instead, you’ll have clear vision without boundaries!

5.    Hassle-Free

eye contact kit

If you love water sports and wear contact lenses, this can lead to problems. At the very least, you should not be wearing contact lenses in any bodies of water, as it could cause an eye infection.

Wearing glasses while playing water sports can also be problematic and means you’ll need to wear special eyewear to keep your eyes safe. But with LASIK, after recovering and getting the okay from your eye doctor, you’ll be able to spend as much time as you want in the water.

When traveling, you have to remember to pack your contact lenses together with the necessary accessories. Packing is difficult enough, and when you wear contact lenses while traveling, you also have to remember to carry enough contact lens solution, spare contacts, cases, and rewetting eye drops, which can be a hassle.

6.    Fewer Complications and Risks

Thanks to advances in technology, LASIK has incredibly low rates of complication. The procedure itself is simple, safe, and quick. But wearing contact lenses increases your risk of developing an eye infection, as well as chronic lens discomfort.

man trying to put contacts in

There’s a reason that LASIK is the most popular elective medical procedure. That reason is that people trust the procedure. With low risks and reliable results, millions of patients already know that getting LASIK is worth it.  

LASIK is The Better Option

When it comes to your vision and eye health, LASIK is the best choice. However, not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK. That’s why you’ll undergo a LASIK consultation at Evergreen Eye Center to determine whether you qualify for LASIK.

Schedule your LASIK consultation at Evergreen Eye Center in Seattle, WA, today!

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