Evergreen Eye Center is the first clinic in the USA to use the new ultra high definition Leica M 822 surgical microscope for eye surgery. Dr. Jarstad was the first US surgeon to use the new microscope which is manufactured in Switzerland.

The M822 is the latest version of micro surgical imaging systems which also includes an ultra high definition video camera. Dr. Jarstad completed the first 50 cataract procedures in the USA using the M822 recently over a 10 day period. Dr. Jarstad stated, “I have been a loyal Leica microscope owner since 1989 and this new surgical microscope has taken eye surgery to another level. The resolution and HD effects of this device will improve patient outcomes and safety by allowing never before seen details during eye operations. ”

Dr. Jarstad compared the details of the new microscope to HD /TV or 3D movies compared to the older style of standard television. “Leica has always been known for superior quality optics. This microscope will revolutionize the practice of modern eye surgery and provide an extra margin of safety for the surgeon by providing an unequaled clarity and definition to the microscopic world we eye surgeons work in.”