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Am I a Good Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

Do friends or family often ask why you’re tired or what’s bothering you? With age, it’s natural for the skin on your eyelids to stretch, wrinkle, and sag.

Although this happens to most people, these changes can leave you feeling frustrated, worn out, and older than you are. The good news is that eyelid surgery can reverse the signs of aging, refresh your eyelids, and help you look more youthful and energized.

Keep reading to learn more about eyelid surgery, if you could be a good candidate for eyelid surgery, and what the life-changing procedure can achieve.

What is Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, is a procedure performed on the eyelids that often addresses visible signs of aging. Blepharoplasty may involve removing and repositioning excess fat and skin and tightening the skin and muscles.

You can have eyelid surgery on your upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. Patients can have blepharoplasty for cosmetic and functional reasons.

Both women and men make good candidates for the procedure. Specifically, eyelid surgery can address the following concerns:

  • Saggy or loose skin that creates folds on the upper eyelids
  • Fine wrinkles and excess skin on the lower eyelids
  • Drooping lower eyelids
  • Bags under the eyes

How Eyelid Surgery Works

Before your procedure at Evergreen Eye Center, your oculoplastic surgeon will explain what will happen so that you understand what to expect.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

For upper eyelid surgery, your surgeon will create incisions within the creases of your lids to allow for discrete scarring. They will then meticulously remove the extra skin and possible fat and repair muscle.

Next, they will carefully reposition the remaining tissue before closing the cut to achieve balanced, natural-looking results.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Lower eyelid surgery targets specific concerns like bags under your eyes, loose skin, and puffiness. During the procedure, your oculoplastic surgeon will make discreet incisions inside your lower eyelid or along the lash line.

They’ll then trim or redistribute excess skin, fat, and muscle. Once done, they will close the incision.

Who is a Good Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

You may be a suitable candidate for eyelid surgery if you meet the following criteria:

You’re Bothered by the Appearance of Your Eyelids

Patients typically want eyelid surgery if they are unhappy with their appearance. Bags under your eyes and puffy or droopy eyelids can make you look tired and older.

Eyelid surgery can improve the appearance of your eyelids and take years off your face, helping you look younger and refreshed.

You’re in Good Health

You should be in good health to undergo any surgical procedure, including eyelid surgery. Certain medical conditions can affect your recovery after eyelid surgery.

For instance, people with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing infection or can take longer to heal after undergoing eyelid surgery.

Before undergoing eyelid surgery, your oculoplastic surgeon will consider factors like specific medications and chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune disorders, and heart disease that may impact the healing process.

Also, keep in mind that severe eye conditions may be affected by eyelid surgery. You may not be a good candidate for eyelid surgery if you have a history of retinal detachment or glaucoma.

You Don’t Smoke or Are Willing to Quit

Besides being bad for you, smoking also interferes with the healing process and can make you more likely to experience post-operative complications such as infection and delayed healing. Before eyelid surgery, you’ll need to quit smoking.

You’ll also need to avoid any nicotine-containing products like gums and patches to ensure you have the safest results possible.

You’re Having Difficulty Seeing

Over time, the skin on your upper eyelids may lose elasticity. Loose skin can be prone to sagging.

Sometimes, the baggy skin may drape over your lashes, obstructing your vision. If saggy, heavy eyelids make it hard to see, eyelid surgery can eliminate the extra skin over your eyes and allow you to see clearly.

You’re Struggling with Miscommunication

The eyes can show a range of emotions, including affection, attraction, disdain, hostility, disapproval, interest, and fatigue. If people around you keep asking why you’re irritated, sad, or tired even when you’re not, your eyes could be miscommunicating your true feelings.

If your eyes cannot communicate how you feel because of saggy, droopy eyelids getting in the way, it could be a sign to consider eyelid surgery.

You Have Realistic Expectations

Having realistic expectations of what eyelid surgery can do for you is crucial. The procedure can correct cosmetic and functional issues in your upper and lower eyelids, helping you look well-rested and more youthful.

However, it can’t erase all the signs of aging or alter your facial structure. Other cosmetic procedures are worth considering if you’re looking for those results.

What Can Eyelid Surgery Achieve?

Eyelid surgery offers many benefits, including:

Turn Back the Clock on Aging

Eyelid surgery is an effective and reliable way to eliminate the early signs of aging on your eyelids. The procedure can restore your eyelids’ natural contour and shape, rejuvenating your appearance.

Your eyelids will achieve smooth, youthful contours, helping you look healthier, energized, and younger.

Improve Communication

It can be frustrating to be misunderstood frequently because of how you look. If your eyes make you seem upset, tired, or angry even though you aren’t, eyelid surgery can aid in improving your facial expressions.

After eyelid surgery, you’ll look more awake, and more importantly, your eyes will be more open. This will make you appear more approachable, positive, and friendly to others.

See More Clearly

Eyelid surgery can tighten and lift back drooping eyelids into their natural position. Correcting heavy, puffy eyelids will open up your field of vision, making it easier to see again.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover the dramatic improvement in your vision.

Boost Your Confidence

Are you self-conscious about appearing old and exhausted because of droopy eyelids? Do you avoid social interactions, fun occasions, and photos because of puffy, baggy eyelids?

Saggy eyelids can affect how you look and feel about yourself. Fortunately, eyelid surgery is often able to help.

The procedure can brighten your eyes and shed years from your face, restoring your confidence. You can live life to the fullest when you feel great about your appearance.

Restore Youthful Eyelids

Eyelid surgery at Evergreen Eye Center can enhance your appearance, rejuvenate tired eyes, and even improve your vision, leading to a younger, happier you. Best of all, the results will be long-lasting with no visible scarring.

Want to look more youthful, refreshed, and ready to take on the world? Schedule your appointment today at Evergreen Eye Center to see if eyelid surgery can help you look and feel your best!

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