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New Dry Eye Treatment in Seattle-Tacoma Treats Root Cause

Federal Way, WA, June 2, 2014– A new effective treatment for the root cause of Evaporative Dry Eye is now available at Evergreen Eye Center in Federal Way, Auburn, Burien and Enumclaw.

Many people have eyes that feel scratchy, gritty or dry and may have experienced blurred vision or sensitivity to sunlight. Watching TV, computer work, reading or driving may make symptoms worse. If eye drops and warm compresses never provide enough help, patients may be experiencing a chronic and progressive condition known as Evaporative Dry Eye.

Evergreen Eye Center is now certified and the first in the South Sound area to offer LipiFlow by TEARSCIENCE, a new procedure designed to open and clear blocked meibomian glands, the root cause of Evaporative Dry Eye, which can then allow the glands to resume natural production of lipids (oils) needed for a healthy tear film.

The most common form of Dry Eye is Evaporative Dry Eye, which affects 9 out of 10 Dry Eye cases. This form results from a shortage of oil on the surface of your tears caused by a blockage in your eyelid (Meibomian) glands, leading to tears that evaporate faster than normal.

Evergreen Eye Center physicians now perform a series of evaluations to determine the likely cause of a patient’s Dry Eye. This can include a LipiView tear film assessment and a Meibomian gland evaluation. “Knowing what is causing a patient’s Dry Eye helps our doctors determine the best treatment plan,” stated Evergreen Eye Center Practice Administrator, Rick Boudreau.

LipiFlow works by applying directed energy to the eyelid near the affected glands–precisely targeted warmth from the back of the eyelid and slight pressure from the front. “The treatment is performed in our office in a comfortable lounge chair or may also be performed in an upright chair, such as a wheelchair if the patient prefers,” added Scott Honda, Evergreen Lead Tech.

“I had the LipiFlow Dry Eye Treatment at Evergreen Eye Center in Federal Way a couple of months ago. I thought I might be creeped out, but it was actually soothing as they warmed up my eyelids. There were these gentle pulses on my eyelids and it was quick and did not hurt at all.  Now, my eyes no longer feel irritated and itchy. I can see more clearly, which I notice dramatically in the morning when I wake up because I used to have very blurry vision until I put in my drops. Now I can see as soon as I get up. I use far fewer drops and my eyes don’t look red and inflamed anymore…and they feel so much better,” explained Kathleen J., an Evergreen Eye Center patient of Brad. A. Frederickson, O.D. “When my doctor did my initial evaluation, he also showed me that I was a partial blinker. Then he showed me how to do exercises to strengthen my blinks which he told me was important to help my tiny oil glands to continue working well.”

“We are excited to offer this new diagnostic tool and revolutionary new treatment for Evaporative Dry Eye which can actually treat the root cause,” noted Evergreen Eye Center ophthalmologist, Robert A. Tester, M.D.

“The LipiView is the first device of its kind that allows me to assess the tear film by capturing images that measure the thickness of the lipid (oil) component.  This lipid layer is important because it lubricates and prevents rapid evaporation of tears.  This process is non-invasive and only takes about 5 minutes,” explained Dr. Frederickson.

“Next we take a closer look at what is happening at the gland level,”  added Hans O. Bjorn, O.D., “With the Meibomian gland evaluator we can assess the quantity and quality of the lipids (oils) being released from your glands.”

“Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) creates a cycle of deterioration that can worsen over time,” explained Gary W. Chung, M.D., “So we recommend early assessment and treatment when appropriate to prevent further deterioration.”

“Many of our patients who were good candidates for the LipiFlow treatment and have undergone the procedure have found relief and no longer find Dry Eye holding them back from their favorite activities such as motorcycle riding, cycling, sailing and computer work,” noted John S. Jarstad, M.D., founder of Evergreen Eye Center. “This novel and effective treatment is the culmination of many years of research and we are proud to be the first clinic in the South Sound region to offer it to our patients.”

To schedule a Dry Eye evaluation at one of Evergreen Eye Center’s Seattle-Tacoma area clinics call 1-800-MY VISION.

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